Every client receives our personal attention to insure an informed and timely decisionon every transaction
Helping you achieve your financial goals is our business

We understand that each transaction is unique and is of immense importance to all of the participants. Oftentimes your transaction represents a substantial portion of your net worth and the tax implications are immense. We never lose sight of those underlying facts. Of course, the foundation of what we do is to make sure that each transaction meets the requirements of IRC §1031. Beyond that, we strive to provide accurate and timely information to you and your advisors in an easy to use format. We want to be sure that you and your advisors are all on the same page in regards to your tax deferred exchange. An informed decision is a wise decision.

The exchange transaction is filled with terms of art, words that carry a specific meaning in light of §1031. There are a number of variations on the tax deferred exchange theme and each variation carries it’s own set of hoops that must be jumped through in order to keep the transaction legitimate in the eyes of the IRS. Because Acacia Exchange Services was founded by an experienced tax professional, our focus from the start has been to clearly communicate the intricacies of these varied requirements in basic terms that are useful to both experienced investors and those new to exchange transactions.

We proactively communicate with you, your advisors, and the title company. We do business on a relationship basis and will know your name and remember the details of your transaction. You will never deal with strictly clerical employees who are working out of a manual or from a checklist but who have no real understanding of the underlying transaction. We value your business and our goal is that this shows in our consistently high level of service.