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How safe are my funds during the exchange process? This is the most important question you can be asking. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously and take every precaution when it comes to safeguarding your funds.

We open a separate, non-interest bearing checking account for each exchange. The accounts are opened subject to a qualified escrow Agreement (QEA) executed by Acacia Exchange Services and our exchange client. QEA accounts require the signature of both the exchangE client and Acacia Exchange Services before any funds can be transferred.

You will receive bank statements over the course of your exchange. It is quite simple really. The exchange funds sit in your own account for the duration of your exchange.

Lastly, Acacia Exchange Services maintains significant levels of Fidelity Bond and Errors & Omissions Insurance coverage.

1031 Exchange Funds Investment Policy and Disclosure Statement

Our focal point is the safety and liquidity of your 1031 exchange funds. In light of that concern, your funds are not invested in any manner. As noted above, they remain in your account for the duration of your exchange.

We are happy to provide you with detailed information on the commercial banks we use to hold your exchange funds.

State of Washington Required disclosures

“Washington state law, RCW 19.310.040, requires an exchange facilitator to either maintain a fidelity bond in an amount not less than one million dollars that protects the clients against losses caused by criminal acts of the exchange facilitator, or hold all clients funds in a qualified escrow account or qualified trust.”